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Fast Coffee. Your own machine.

Now you can own your own machine by spreading the  cost and enjoy incredible coffee for less.

We make delicious filter coffee affordable for everyone with our no fuss, no mess Bravilor Novo fast filter coffee machine. Enjoy incredible, freshly brewed coffee for less than the cost of instant coffee! 

How does it work?

It's really easy because we take the cost and fuss out of serving fresh coffee. We simplify things by spreading the cost of your machine over your coffee purchases, so you only pay as your drink and you stay in control.
1) Contact us and we'll ask how often you expect to buy coffee 
2) We'll work out and agree an amount to pay each time you order coffee
3) You'll be sent your new machine with our first order right away ~ it's so quick & easy!
No Mess.
No Fuss.
No finance fees or extra costs.
Machines cost only £199 ~ Saving £94 from Bravilor's direct RRP of £293+vat!
Typical Church example:
Order 2 Coffee Boxes/month at discounted rate of only £35.99/box (single box RRP £39.99)
£199 spread over 6 months: £33.17/month
Total each month: £105.15
Cost per cup for first 6 months = 7p/cup
Cost per cup after 6 months = 4.7p/cup
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