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Our endless range of coffee machines, espresso making equipment and hot water urns has everything every size of church needs! We've got it all! We pride ourselves in our flexible and creative problem solving approach to find the right sort of equipment for your church.
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Distribution Coffee are experts at finding the right coffee machine for the right business. We work with a high quality service provider for some types of machine to make sure you get the right equipment and servicing you need - not what costs the most or requires a Phd to use! We believe in keeping things relevant, appropriate and delivering the best value for you.

We take a unique approach in creative machine solutions.

Do you want something simple and for lighter, occasional use? Then why not save money and go for a refurbished or domestic size machine. The important thing is to make sure you have the right equipment for the task right now, not what you might need some time in the vast future. Chat to us about your needs and we'll help with some free advice and suggestions. Our trade brochure has some more info.

We also produce and provide FREE personalised tabletalkers and Point of Sale items to our clients, join us and increase your sales!

We have put together a detailed guide to help offer some free advice and support. Read it here:

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We have a large range of filter coffee machines and equipment, this is just a small sample which you can buy quickly online. Please contact us for the full range with FREE personal advice, care and support.