Cheap coffee for your Church can come at a high price!

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

We get asked this all the time, and it's a really good question:

"How come I can get really cheap coffee online, but I find it has short best before dates and it tastes really bitter?"

The simple answer is that it's because of what you're putting in the cup. You see, in order for a retailer to usually offer you cheap coffee, there's a few things that will probably have happened:

  1. The coffee tastes like dirt, probably because it has been treated like dirt! Cheap coffee is cheap for a reason: the quality is super low. It tastes rubbish because it's the lowest grade possible that probably gets swept from the floors of a coffee roasters in all honestly (maybe not literally!). But you get the idea, it's really poor quality, which means it's been grown, harvested, roasted and transported around the world in really poor ways.

  2. Cheap filter coffee is cheap because somewhere along the way, standards have been cut. That can be the beans themselves, the environmental growing conditions or the way they are roasted...but often there's a human paying the price along the way. Coffee growers can be treated really unfairly, with farm labourers working in poor conditions and receiving poor pay ~ if coffee is cheap, think about who has missed out along the way (and it wont be the retailer because why would they bother selling it!)

  3. Some online retailers purposefully undersell coffee because they hope to make money off you from other items you'll buy: from syrups to cups you'd be surprised where some retailers will try and make money out of you!

  4. Bitter coffee is bitter usually because 2 things have taken place: they are using really poor quality coffee and the supplier has over-roasted their coffee on purpose. Supermarkets do this a lot because one way to hide the fact your poor quality coffee tastes rubbish is to mask the flavours by roasting the coffee till very dark (they still label it medium!) to give it some smoky flavour notes. This is why so much cheap coffee tastes like an ashtray ~ because the retailer is trying to make the coffee taste like something.

In a changing world, we know it's important to stand firm on Jesus our solid foundation, so if how you serve coffee might have changed recently (car delivery service anyone?) then make sure your serving the best coffee and keeping your costs low.

We find that by keeping our product range really small, streamlining our operations, being good stewards and honestly pricing our coffee we are able to serve premium coffee roasts at discounted prices. You can get your own Hero coffee from our site here.

We've been serving churches with great quality filter coffee for a few years now and have managed to work hard at reducing prices whilst increasing our quality. So enjoy something pretty special for your church, cafe or centre and know your getting quality where it counts.

This article was written by James, Distribution Coffee Founder. More more help, tips and free advice see our guides here or get in touch for free no-obligation support.

Enjoy great coffee!

James x

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