COVID-19 isn't stopping us yet!

As the global pandemic continues to cause lots of problems for us all, we still march on knowing God is in charge! Autumn is fast upon us here in Bournemouth and it's bringing lot's of fresh opportunities for all of us.

It's so easy in times such as these to struggle to know where He is in all we see and experience in an ever changing world, but it's good to remind ourselves that He saw all this coming, so we can sit safely and tightly in his palm. Having had several grandparents pass away recently (some with COVID-19) I fully appreciate we're not all able to just "switch off" to the world chaos, but here's our 3 top tips for surviving the shorter days and longer nights:

1. Enjoy the new opportunities that a change in season brings. COVID-19 is going to be here for a little while, so re-focus off things you can't change and put the kettle on. We've not been drinking more of our great coffee, but we have been enjoying it more. Make it a moment, stop, pause and enjoy the few moments it makes to take your favourite brew.

2. Pray. Seems like an obvious one, but praying and meditating on God is one of the best ways to put all things in perspective and take the focus off the problems of your life. We have so much great stuff going on, it's easy to focus on the negative stuff when we forget just how big our God is. Jesus is far bigger than an illness, so by calming, breathing and reminding ourselves we open up again to Him and are in a much better position to hear what He's saying to us. A great way at this time of the year to pray is going for a country walk (forests are ideal for this) and imagine as you walk through that God made and designed every leaf in every tree. As you start to see them falling off, remind yourself that God knew every moment every leaf would fall, and thank Him that He knows every "leaf" on you ~ Feel the wind on your face and feel His embrace as you walk through the forest.

3. Start something new. Tried stretches, breathing exercises or yoga before? Why not give it a go. Enjoy being outside? Why not invest in a piece of kit and see if photography is your new thing. From being active to starting a new business or hobby ~ by starting something new you'll find you re-excite the little parts of your brain that release happy hormones.

We hope the new season brings all sorts of new things into your life and as you keep building church in your local area may God use you and bless you as you bring people together in a COVID-19 Secure Church sort of way.

Check out our small range of church coffee for even better ways of bringing people together for less here.

We have made our range smaller so we can take your church savings to the next level with our expertly blended coffee. When you buy your church coffee direct from us you are directly contributing to youth work as we give 10% of our profits to support Christian youth work.

Enjoy the new Autumn season, God bless you and keep you close to Him.

James and the roasting team xxx

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