Getting ready to re-open your church doors!

It's been a really tough couple of months for many of us (for lots, so many reasons). Doors have been locked, seats remained empty.

BUT, but, we have recently had news that churches will be allowed to open in the coming days ahead. Fantastic! We are celebrating at our place! Now, how soon that will be exactly is up for grabs as we hear slightly different things daily, but the good news is that we will be able to meet again and see our church family again...soon!

Now that's exciting!

So what are some of things we need to start to do to get ready? We're going to mainly focus on the refreshment side of things (naturally!) but here's a quick check list which might help:

Your building

How's it looking? I expect you've had some members doing DIY and odd-jobs around the place (where health social distancing allowed), which is one up side of this pause! But maybe it's time to think about the heating (please, send a warm, sunny summer!) and things like giving the place a quick dust. Let's make our church buildings as inviting as they can be - but also, why not let's take the opportunity to bring the changes we've been considering. This is a great time to start as we mean to go on! More on this below...

Your people

Volunteers and servers are crucial to helping your church run well, so make sure you've got good lines of communication with them. Whether you've got a servers or stewards WhatsApp group, email, or you pick up the phone (do we still do that?) ~ make sure they know what you've got planned. Even if at this stage you haven't decided on the details (fair enough!), make sure they know the sort of thing you have in mind - look/feel/any big changes etc.

Your musical worship

If yours is a church with a choir or band, make sure your worship leader knows just what sort of thing your after on this first Sunday back. Perhaps an uplifting, positive message is just what we all need. Also consider what the latest government advice may be at that time - will we be allowed to sing or will that be deemed higher risk? Who knows! But let's honour our government's advice and keep an eye on the situation as we hear more.

Your talk or sermon

Loath it or love it (is that for your minister or congregation!?) your talk's going to be really important part of being back together. Maybe include some reflections, some moments of pause to remember those many of us have lost, but lets focus on all the good things God has done in us and our communities. Maybe one day we'll find out just how many people got saved because of the times of the virus. Now that's an eternal upside to it all!

Your service

How will this first one go? Will it be a big celebration (probably!) but how will it run, how will it look and feel? Will it be appropriate for a shorter service or maybe something outside with with food so that you can really celebrate but stay socially distanced.

Your steps to health and social distancing

Really important. Not only for health reasons, but also with the worlds eye on us in churches it's really important we get it right. But fear not or be scared of a journalist taking a picture at the wrong moment - don't panic buy your hand sanitiser (there's loads now available again online) but instead take sensible, logical steps.

Consider how you can help social distancing happen between households by creating some "reserved" signs for some seats (keeping 2m guides) and also consider if you'll have leaflets and bibles available to share. Perhaps these need to be stored away for now. All of these things are just common sense initiatives ~ don't threat or worry, doing things like opening the windows, simple 2m reminder signs and encouraging a friendly atmosphere will all go a long way.

This article was written by James our roaster, hospitality expert and Christian.

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