SAVE60 Promotion goes live!

We're so excited about launching our new SAVE60 promotion because it helps churches save even more on their tea and coffee order!

As a Christian business we're really passionate about doing things well which is why we think, pray and take our time sometimes about doing things the right way...other times we jump just right in!

We are pleased to announce that today we're launching a way for everyone to benefit over a longer period of time - multiple churches can save a decent chunk of their budget and enjoy it time and time again on their orders with us. We call it our SAVE60 promotion which is all about helping churches save £60 off their future orders by giving them £10 discounts 6 times. This was a really unique way for us to support churches and also grow our business by helping others, because everyone stands to benefit.

We want to keep growing our business so that we can lower our prices even further in time, so that churches can save even more for their ministries and work in sharing Jesus with as many people as possible. We have experienced that joy for ourselves which is why we wanted to help where we could.

So how does the promotion work?

  1. Simply refer a friend church and both place an initial order, mentioning SAVE60.

  2. Each of your accounts will be credited with £60 credit that can be used in £10 increments off 6 future orders.

  3. Enjoy incredible coffee in your church for less!

For more information about the promotion and how to order and claim your £60 credit visit our promotions page here.

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