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Earl Grey Teabags (150)

Earl Grey Teabags (150)


Earl Grey teabags (150)

A classic blend of sophistication with essence of Bergamot.


These 150 compostable tea bags are and excellent hot drink alternative and offer incredible value for money at just 3p/bag ~ maximum flavour, minimum costs and fuss.

  • Directions for use

    To enjoy this tea at it's best simply pour on hot water (just off the boil) and allow to infuse for 4 minutes or until reaches desired strength. Enjoy on it's own or sweetened with a little honey for a refreshing alternative hot drink. Add milk as required to taste.


  • Disposal after use

    These teabags are compostable, so put them in your food waste bin for council collection or turn into compost in your very own garden!

    These bags add nutrients to your compost as well as brown matter to make a rich compost to grow new things.

  • Ingredients

    Black Leaf Tea (approx 98%) and Bergamot Flavouring (2%).

    Best before: best enjoyed within 12 months of opening.

    Storage: store in a cool, dry place. A tin or plastic container makes a great choice to keep these bags fresh for longer.


Incredible coffee that refreshes the soul.

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