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Finest Tea and Coffee Pack

Finest Tea and Coffee Pack

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Rainforest Alliance Great British teabag and Finest Hand Roasted Coffee Pack.

Bean or Ground for Filter?
  • Product description

    100 Finest quality Rainforest Alliance certified British teabags and 2kg of our own hand roasted incredible coffee (2kg).


    We've put together a handy pack to help you save those supermarket trips and stock up on a week or two's supply of hand roasted and hand packed artisan fresh tea and premium coffee.


    In the pack:

    • 100 Rainforest Alliance certified one-cup tea bags of finest quality Great British Tea
    • 2kg of our premium speciality Hero Blend Coffee (chose either whole bean or ground choices) which can only be described as outstanding tasting coffee. Roasted for freshness, premium quality, lingering pallette and smooth taste.
  • Disposal

    Thank goodness for our great quality tea and premium coffee!

    Our Rainforest Alliance tea bags and your used coffee grounds can easily be home composted or disposed of in your brown food waste bin for biodigesting. It's great that these nitorgen rich by products can be used again to help you grow your plants or produce natural gas for powering our country.

    Drink happy and dispose of thoughtfully. 

Incredible coffee that refreshes the soul.

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