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Half pint plastic cups/10oz (1,000) ~ recyclable and disposable

Half pint plastic cups/10oz (1,000) ~ recyclable and disposable

SKU: halfpintplasticcups

100% recyclable and disposable half pint plastic plastic cups (1,000). Under 4p/cup!

  • Product details

    High quality disposable CE marked half pint plastic cups. These cups offer a great option for those wanting to serve from low cost disposable cups and have the ability to recycle them after use.

    These cups help reduce landfill waste because they are widly recycled by every council and waste contractor, offer optimum thickness to product ratio and have a high quality lip finish. 

  • Disposal

    These high quality cups can be recycled in all mixed recucling facilities, offer great product reuse and can easily be turned into new useful things. These cups help reduce waste by requiring less energy in their production than glass materials, requiring no water or energy to wash them up! This not only saves energy and water, but is incresingly hygienic (important more now than ever!) and allows a convenient time saving way to serve cold drinks.

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