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Stainless steel coffee dripper

Stainless steel coffee dripper

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Stainless steel fine coffee dripper ~ for enjoying one cup incredible, fresh coffee.


Made from dishwahser safe, reusable stainless steel, this two part filter is a clever way to enjoy one cup of fresh coffee - don't settle for anything but great coffee! This coffee dripper is super environmentally friendly because it'll provide many years of use, requires no paper filter and can even be recycled after it's lifetime. It's a simple, very clever piece of kit.


What's it like to use? A double, fine filter provides 2 layers of filter quality coffee. It's easy to place a tablespoon of filter coffee in, pour over just boiled water (approx 95c) and allow the coffee to filter through to your cup/mug waiting underneath. It's takes just a couple of minutes.


How do you clean it? Minimal fuss, simply tap the used coffee grounds into your food waste bin or composting, rinse under the tap and it's ready for your afternoon coffee. When your done for the day simlply wash in your dishwasher or by hand as required. It's easy!  

Saving you money with refreshing coffee.

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