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The Warrior | Filter coffee

The Warrior | Filter coffee

SKU: warrior60g

A rich, Italian style coffee blend with a strong flavour profile that delivers a fantastic kick in every sip.

We love this blend for it’s full flavour and exotic notes. You will receive 3kg fresh ground coffee in 60g bags. 


  • Overview

    • Taste: dark chocolate and exotic nutty notes on the top of the palette
    • Origin: predominantly Robusta beans from Uganda and Arabica beans from Brazil 
    • Strength: medium-strong, rich (3 out of 4 beans)
    • Bag size: 60g bags of ready to use ground filter coffee
    • Weight: x 50 bags = 3kg
    • In the box: Free filter papers included
    • Doing good: 10% of our profit’s are gifted yearly to UK Youth groups who do good! 
    • Ethical: Fairly traded, expertly roasted coffee - always ethical, fresh coffee in every bag
  • Brewing Guide

    Freshly roasted and portioned:

    These ready portioned bags (60g) are expertly blended to deliver maximum flavour with minimal fuss and waste. We have freshy roasted, then ground these beans for incredible filter coffee every time. We grind this coffee to a size suitable for universal filter coffee and press methods, so it makes a great all round coffee.


    Making fresh coffee:

    • Filter machines and bulk brewers: Simply pour the coffee into your chosen coffee brewer (free filter papers are provided with the 60g bags!), set your machine and enjoy delicious coffee in under 6 minutes!
    • French press/cafetiere: Simply allow approx 1 tablespoon per mug, pour over just-off-the-boil hot water, allow to steep for 4-6min, press and enjoy!
    • Moka pot/Stove top: fill lower vessle with fresh water, allow 1 tablespoon of ground coffee per mug, screw top back on and allow to perculate up through the pot. Enjoy a strong coffee within just a few minutes!
  • Disposal and recycling:

    Disposal and recycling:

    • Used filters and coffee damp grounds can be either home composted or through council food waste disposal.
    • Used bags can be recycled with other plastic bags via recycling centres or some supermarkets.

Incredible coffee that refreshes the soul.

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