Sustainability Policy

"As well as roasting incredible coffee, we are really passionate about doing good in our everyday."

As pursuers of great things, we know that it makes a difference when we go after the best practices in all we say and do, which is why we've adopted some key philosophies in our approach to running our business. We wanted to let you know that we don't just have a list of rules or specifications because it can be counter-productive in the real world, instead we take the approach to apply our beliefs in everything we do...


  • We will be as environmentally, community and economically sustainable as possible for the long term good of those we work with and the world we live in. We believe that looking after people and planet are two key mandates from God and we intend to do our part in enhancing and protecting them.

  • We will always be conscious of the environmental and people cost behind every action we take. We can't change the world overnight but we can take self-aware decisions for the benefit of others and the environment they and us live in.

  • We will act with integrity in how we treat people and the environment, always trying to enhance and not take away. We will try to look after the special places we live in by reducing any negative impacts we may have.

  • We will not use slave trade in any way as part of our growing, processing or distribution methods and will take action to challenge and report anything which goes against this. We will actively cut ties with any unethical growers and producers as well as encouraging them onto better operational models.

  • We will reduce, reuse and recycle materials in ways that are innovative and sustainably acceptable so that our waste footprint is as small as it practically can be. We know that for every action there is a reaction, so whether it is in our office or through our delivery systems, we will try and reduce waste as much as possible. We already take great steps in reducing energy use through:​

  • Reduced plastic use in all our coffee packaging and boxes

  • Carbon neutral delivery methods with trusted partners

  • LED office lighting and choosing A+ rated electrical appliances

  • Plant based materials used in our disposable packaging range so we only do 100% plastic free

  • ...and we will keep for for ways to do even more!


  • We will build long term relationships with good suppliers so that everyone we do business with can have sustainable forms of income, no matter the setting. We will play our part by being honourable and sticking to agreements and contracts for everyone's long term benefit.

We believe that when everyone is playing their part in behaving in sustainable ways towards people and planet the world can be transformed for a better future.

Fairly Traded Expertly roasted

Our own philosophy to purchasing, roasting and supplying incredible coffee.


As we started out we researched a lot about fairtrade and some of the other ethics based schemes out there which try to reduce negative social and environmental impacts. We think these are great, but quickly realised that there are other ways to do the right thing.

We developed our own internal standard for roasting incredible coffee, which came to be our Fairly Traded Expertly Roasted approach. This means we will apply all our above sustainability philosophies and beliefs in what we do so that our coffee reaches you in the most ethical ways possible. We have built our business on long term relationships with great great partners and clients, which helps us maintain our integrity and commitments we work with on a daily basis.

You can enjoy Distribution Coffee knowing that we only source from great producers through ethical common market practices and take lots of care making sure every step in the journey is as sustainable as possible.

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